Latest News

Latest News

12 May 2022

Sunday 8th May saw our first event in what we are hoping will be a series of talks, activities and workshops under the banner of ‘Wild About Stockton Heath Nature Hub’

We were sold out for our morning of talks by invited speakers and the afternoon drop in for family activities was very well attended with 53 forms returned from the youngsters that followed the amazing hedgehog trail, 30 ‘Pledges to Nature’ hung on the pledge tree, 89 children and 72 adults visiting the library to view our visitor stalls with Penelope, the blind hedgehog, stealing the show, and around a dozen youngsters staying on for the Wild Storytelling event.

The WASH team would like to thank everyone for such amazing support, all our speakers, guests, and volunteers, including SWISH, the children from the two primary schools for decorating hedgehogs, all the young people of the village for their Wild Photographs, Stockton Heath Library, Alexandra Park, Pets Pantry for the donation of two hedgehog houses, Morrison’s Warrington for the donation of compost and seeds and the the National Lottery Community Fund for their grant that allowed us to put it all together.

For full details of what we got up to, with photographs, please visit our specific event page

26 April 2022

Tree Planting update

Back in July we gave the news that we were working with the Parish Council to increase the number of trees in the village, inputting our survey results to the Parish Council Village Committee.

WBC has now received funding for 10 trees. They have chosen the sites which they feel are appropriate. It is very positive some planting has been managed this season with the funding of £3,000given by the Parish council.

One on Ackers Rd corner nr the Pit, one on Willow Drive, three on grassy path by the ship canal from Greenbank to Fairfield Rd, four on Grappenhall Road, one on Caldefield Close grass circle ( an oak). The Parish Council has committed £5,000 to tree planting for the next season. Wild About Stockton Heath will consider discussing possibilities with the Assets committee of the Parish Council about tree planting on land owned by the Parish Council

The first five trees have now been planted, see our specific project page to track progress

3 April 2022

Greening The Alleys

After a lot of planning and fundraising our Greening The Alleys project came to fruition, transforming a number of the alleys in the village. We had an amazing day giving nature a helping hand and bringing the community together. Check out our specific project page to learn more and see the results.

December 2021 – March 2022

Successful Grant Applications

WASH are very grateful to a number of organisations for grants that are vital to the running of WASH and the fulfilment of our ambitions.

Moto, the service station operators, awarded a welcomed grant towards our ‘Greening the Alleys’ project, watch this space! The Moto in the Community Trust, is a grant-making charity launched in 2005, and aims to make a ‘real difference’ to the communities within 15 miles of one of the Moto sites.

Warrington Charities Trust was established in 1989 with the aim of raising funds from industry, commerce and trade, together with individual donors, in common effort to improve the quality of life in Warrington Borough. They have given to WASH the funds needed to promote the work we are doing around the village through signage explaining our specific projects.

WASH have ambitious plans to deliver talks, workshops and activities involving the whole community. Our first event was to help celebrate National Tree Week. What we can deliver and how often is certainly not restricted by our enthusiasm and with the generous grant from the National Lottery Community fund, specifically for these events, we are now able to move forward with our vision. The National Lottery Community Fund is the largest funder of community activity in the UK – “supporting people and communities to prosper and thrive”.

Identifying and applying for grants is hard work and time consuming and it not easy though to find grants for basic running costs such as our web site, domain name and public liability insurance. Therefore we are very grateful to Stockton Heath Parish Council who granted the funds needed to cover these costs in 2022.

For completion, as reported in October, WASH have been awarded a generous grant from the IKEA and The National Lottery Community Fund. IKEA and the National Lottery have come together to support thriving, resilient and sustainable communities across the UK through the pilot partnership ‘Places called home’. The grant is specifically to be used for our planned ‘Greening the Alleys’ project, more news on that later.

15 November 2021

Celebrating National Tree Week

On 5th December, the WASH team are organising a number of events to celebrate National Tree Week in Alexandra Park and the pavilion please pop along any time between 10:00 and 12:00 to join the fun. Check out our specific Project and Events page to see how the day went.

21 November 2021

The Forge Carpark gets a WASH make-over

Following an agreement reached with Warrington Borough Council, and cooperation of the car park redevelopers, WASH has been planting-up below the new Ivy fence bordering the graveyard. All the plants in this area were provided free of charge by the committee and supporters of WASH. Follow progress on our dedicated project page

15 October 2021

Successful Grant Application

WASH have been awarded a generous grant from the IKEA and The National Lottery Community Fund. IKEA and the National Lottery have come together to support thriving, resilient and sustainable communities across the UK through the pilot partnership ‘Places called home’. The grant is specifically to be used for our planned ‘Greening the Alleys’ project, more news on that later.

9 October 2021

Brownies plant Daffodils at St Thomas’

Encouraged and supported by WASH, and funded by St. Thomas’, the local brownies planted cultivated daffodils’ at the foot of the graves and memorials of the fallen soldiers.

September 2021

St. Thomas’ Wildflower Strip

Work has now started on creating a wonderful wildflower strip in the church yard of St. Thomas’. This is located adjacent to the Forge Carpark fencing close to the rear entrance of the surgery. Once the top soil and rubble has been removed we will plant native spring bulbs, sow a variety of wildflower seeds and plant climbers on the fence line. This project is kindly being funded by St Thomas’ Church, check out our dedicated project page to follow progress.

12 August 2021

Wild About My Garden Campaign Launch

We have now launched a campaign to improve the biodiversity of our gardens making changes, big or small, to improve this valuable space for nature. To start we want you to inspire the rest of us with what you have achieved. Have a look at our specific Wild About My Garden page for more information.

28 July 2021

One more step taken to tackle litter

The Parish Council have added Stockton Heath to the Litter Network. Here you can report problem areas, arrange to come together to litter pick and post comments and pictures of your efforts. Together we can keep the villiage litter-free, and prevent it from smothering plants and endangering wildlife.

16th July 2021

WASH’s Tree Planting Proposal moves forward

WASH has kick-started a long-term project to increase the number of trees in the Parish.  This has been discussed with the Parish Council Village Committee who recommended the proposal to the full council meeting on Tuesday 13th July.  The Parish Council supports the project outlined in the WASH paper and supports the proposed resident consultation; will consider providing financial support in 2021 to 2024; as a stakeholder, the parish council will contribute to and review the priority list and invite regular progress reports from the group. The next step is to consult with the Borough Council to advise on potential sites and appropriate trees before consulting with residents on their thoughts, concerns, and support.

15 July 2021

WASH establishes a partnership with St Thomas’ Church

Following discussions with Rev. Michael and the Church Warden, WASH was invited to join the St. Thomas’ Action Group (STAG) meeting tonight.  The meeting was extremely positive and, subject to Wash committee approval it was agreed to develop a close relationship between the groups and respective members to protect and improve this large green space at the heart of the village.

9th July 2021

WASH is working with the Borough Council to improve the biodiversity of the Forge Car Park

The redevelopment of the Forge Car Park is well underway and from the start, WASH has been discussing with the Borough Council and contractors in what way can the car park’s biodiversity be improved.  Opportunities exist to influence the planting of the main exit and entrance, replanting a central unit just beyond and planting up the bank below Sun Centre World. 

Also, the potential opportunity to plant below the new live ivy fence along the edge of the graveyard. Our sub-committee will be submitting their suggestions to the council by the end of July.

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