Tree Planting

Tree Planting

In July 2020, Wild About Stockton Heath partnered with the Parish Council to increase the number of trees in the Village. WASH surveyed the village for suitable sites. Our survey results were submitted to the Parish Council Village Committee and with their enthusiasm proposals were submitted to the Borough Council.

WBC has now received funding for ten trees on Borough Council land. They have chosen the sites which they feel are appropriate. It is very positive that some planting has been managed this season with the funding of £3,000 given by the Parish council.

The locations for the ten trees are: One on Ackers Rd corner nr the Pit, one on Willow Drive, three on grassy path by the ship canal from Greenbank to Fairfield Rd, four on Grappenhall Road, and an oak tree on Caldefield Close’s grass circle.

The Parish Council has also committed £5,000 to tree planting for next season. Wild About Stockton Heath will be considering discussing possibilities with the Assets committee of the Parish Council about tree planting on land owned by the Parish Council

The first five trees have now been planted:

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