Wild About My Garden

Wild About My Garden

Collectively, the gardens of Stockton Heath make up the largest green space in the village.

Making small changes to how we manage our own gardens can have a huge impact on the biodiversity of the village for the benefit of the whole of nature.

During August 2021, Wild About Stockton Heath will be raising awareness of these benefits and linking to resources that can help us and looking for inspiration from the community of what can be achieved.

The website pages will initially develop alongside a Facebook campaign during August 2021 to create a lasting resource for the future that will be added to as the seasons unfold.

Today, 12 August 2021, we have launched our Wild About My Garden Campaign.

Over the coming months, we will roll out the campaign, but first we want you to inspire us on what can be achieved.  We would love to hear about and see pictures of what you have achieved in your garden. Post on our Facebook page or send details to our ‘Get in Touch’ webpage

Having been inspired we will then want to know what your plans are, get helpful tips from experienced members and share helpful resource links. Finally, we hope you will keep us up to date on progress.

So, let’s get going, share and inspire us all with your garden!

Cheeky Squirrel feeding on Bev’s home made fatballs
“A bit of early season pollinator food and winter colour! Hellebore ‘Merlin’ in its second season in my garden is chucking out flowers left right and centre, despite the stormy weather we have been having. It provides an essential nectar source for bees and other pollinators at a time when there isn’t much else around, and it doesn’t look bad either!” (Feb 2022)
“My Bramleys have started to ripen and fall. Wood lice, slugs, birds, hedgehogs all pitching in so I have rescued these for humans”
“Our rosemary is just about starting to bloom with its teeny lilac flowers. The bees will be happy”
A timely reminder on our Facebook page. It’s also good to leave a little bit of your garden all year round if you can
Lock down project just outside the village
A lovely front garden

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