St. Thomas’ Wildflower Strip

Work started in September 2021 to create a wonderful wildflower strip in the church yard of St. Thomas’. This is located adjacent to the Forge Carpark fencing close to the rear entrance of the surgery. Once the top soil and rubble has been removed we will plant native spring bulbs, sow a variety of wildflower seeds and plant climbers on the fence line. This project is kindly being funded by St Thomas’

The site before work started with rotten tree trunks, a large buried, spiked, iron railing, a lot of rubble and buried litter.
Work starts on clearing the ground in October with help from some of our Facebook followers and members of the church.
We also built a leafmould-crate in the church yard, it’s now full of Autumn leaves and will hopefully give us lovely compost in a couple of years time. Many thanks to the church for allowing this.
Our work in the church yard helped St. Thomas’ achieve their Bronze Eco Award and of course we are continuing our partnership and hope to see new of the Silver.

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