No Mow May

No Mow May

No Mow May is a Plantlife national campaign to encourage us all not to mow the lawn, or part of it, for the whole of May.

For Plantlife’s botanist Trevor Dines, it’s a case of changing the way we all think about how we control our gardens. “It’s time for people to relax a little bit,” he says. “Avoiding mowing in this way means that instead of a dull monoculture of green concrete, your garden will be thriving and full of interest. I don’t think people realise how diverse our lawns can be.”

Wild About Stockton Heath encouraged it’s Facebook members to do their bit and post their results. Once you have stopped mowing then there’s #LetItBloomJune and #BloomingHighJuly

Milton: “I have long grass, forget-me-nots, clover and lots of unidentified greenery. There’s been an increase in the birds foraging so there must be some goodies lurking in there.”

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