Hedgehog Awareness Week

Hedgehog Awareness Week

The Charity British Hedgehog Preservation Society promotes this awareness week every year which ran from 2nd-8th May in 2021.

The preservation Society work to raise awareness of the practical steps we can take to help reverse the decline of hedgehogs in the wild, improve their welfare and safeguard the future of this much-loved animal. They also fund research that provides important new insights into the conservation and welfare of hedgehogs.

An obvious favourite with our Facebook members as Wild About Stockton Heath had a great response to our backing on this campaign, it will cirtainly be promoted by us annually. Check out the link above to see what simple things we can do to help stop their decline.

When Maddi visited her cousin: She went out for milk and came back with a hoglet! It was wandering around by the main road in the middle of the day, looking very confused. She’s no stranger to rescuing animals, but she has contacted a hedgehog rescue centre and I believe they’re going to collect it.

Update on the hoglet – he is now called Penfold (one of the rescues sponsored names) and should have weighed about 150g but was only 95g, dehydrated and just a bit lost. She thinks he may have been the smallest of a litter that had left mum and he’s just not quite found his feet.

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